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About Us

Recovering Money For The First Coast

Representing and advocating for Florida policyholders since 2010, we believe that Public Adjusting is one of the noblest professions in that we advocate for those who need a voice. We are based out of Jacksonville, Florida and our principal grew up here in Jacksonville. We represent all of Florida, but Jacksonville is our home. It is Florida’s First Coast.

We’ve recovered more than $4,500,000.00 for our clients.

That’s a lot of money! And to think, all of it was owed to policyholders, but their insurance companies decided not to pay for one reason or another. We work hard and never give up until our clients are paid what they are owed.

The Power Of T.E.A.M

We believe in the power of T.E.A.M – Together Everyone Achieves More. That’s why we are active members of the Florida Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (FAPIA) and sit on the committee fighting against the Unlicensed Practice of Public Adjusting (UPPA).


Fighting For You

Most people do not realize that once you have filed a homeowner’s claim, you immediately become a legal adversary to your homeowner's insurance company. Their fiduciary responsibility is to their shareholders, not you. Even though you are the one paying the premium!

We believe everyone should have professional representation and advocacy for their property insurance claim.

The insurance companies have their adjusters representing them. You should have us representing you.

We Help You Get The Right Coverage

Our clients include property owners and business owners who have experienced property damage or who want to be prepared for future claims from damages covered by their policy. We call that Preventative Maintenance which could pay major dividends in the future. Many of our clients want us to work with them to review their policies and point out “gaps” in their coverage.

Not all policies are the same.

We’ll work with your agent to help you pick the right coverages for you.


Do The Right Thing ALL The Time

We believe in strict adherence to our code of ethics and the ones set forth by the Florida Department of Financial Services that govern ALL insurance adjusters.

Simply put, it says: Do the right thing, ALL the time!