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After suffering a loss to your property, navigating a complex insurance claim can leave you confused, frustrated, overwhelmed and stressed. Don’t wait – contact us today!

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You don't want to go it alone.
Get a coverage expert.

In the confusing world of insurance policies, you need a guide. There are a lot of twists and turns along the way. We'll help determine your coverage, exclusions, and duties. Let our expertise lead you through the whole process.

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Stay in control of your claim.
Don't get lost in the details.

Successfully adjusting and proving your insurance claim involves a lot of documentation and preparation. This process is both time-consuming and tedious. With experts, evidence, and reporting, we manage the documentation necessary to bring your claim to a successful settlement. Gain back control of your claim.

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Get paid what you're owed.

The end goal of the entire claim process is a prompt, fair resolution for you. We never lose sight of this. Stay in control of the money that's rightfully yours. Let us negotiate for you to bring about a full, fair, and proper settlement of your claim.

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Step 1: Guidance

You don't want to go it alone.
Get a coverage expert.

Step 2: Preparation

Stay in control of your game.
Don't get lost in the details.

Step 3: Settlement

Get paid what you're owed.


How Does it Work?

Our proven GPS system walks you through a clear 3-step process.

Help with your Insurance Claim that Works

Residential Homeowners

Your home is your biggest asset. So when things go wrong, you need a professional public adjuster to help you get the full, complete, and proper settlement you deserve.

Property Managers & Condominium Associations

Your tenants and contractors should have your full attention when things go wrong. We’re here to take the stress out of managing your community, HOA and multifamily complex’s insurance claims.

Commercial Business Owners

Get your business back up and running. Keep cash flow flowing and reduce downtime. As your public adjuster, we’re your partner when pursuing the highest claim settlement you’re owed.


Your clients are looking to you for guidance. Let us help them get the settlement they deserve. We offer professional claim management so you can focus on rebuilding their property and rebuilding your business.

What is a Public Adjuster?

When disaster strikes and your home or business is damaged, you need a public adjuster to help manage, advocate, and negotiate on your behalf.

Insurance claims are complex, difficult, and stressful. That's why you need a trusted partner you can rely on who represents you and your best interest—a public adjuster.

When it comes to insurance claims, you need one who knows what they're doing and has their own team behind them. Here at First Coast Claim Consultants, our team is made up of expert public adjusters who know what it takes to get you what you deserve when it comes to insurance claims.


Average Claim Increase*

* The Florida Legislature Office of Program Policy Analysis & Government Accountability reports that claims represented by a Public Adjuster resulted in larger payments averaging 747% higher to policyholders.

See the Results for Yourself

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We were having no success with our insurance company who said we only had about $5K worth of damage. The team at First Coast Claims Consultants did an excellent job of keeping the insurance company honest and got us over $50K that we needed to make repairs on our house. I HIGHLY recommend their services as they were amazing to work with.


St. Johns County, Florida

First Coast Claim Consultants was absolutely fantastic about consistently informing me of my claim status. They patiently answered all of my questions and made me feel at ease after my insurance company denied my claim. FCCC mediated on my behalf and got the job done! I am 100% satisfied and my insurance company will now pay my claim.


Jacksonville, Florida

The FCCC crew was outstanding in helping us deal with our claim. It made us feel good to have someone on our side to work through the process. They listened to our goals and spent a lot of time guiding us through defining the scope of work and vetting contractors. They represented us anytime there was an inspection by the insurance company, and they proactively checked in with us frequently. It was well worth hiring them.


Jacksonville, Florida

I did not have a straight forward roofing claim. I had some contractors telling me I needed a full roof replacement and others saying my roof just needed a patch. Mark evaluated my roof himself and offered his honest and experienced perspective. First Coast Claims Consultants took the work off my hands in dealing with my insurance company, and helped me get the amount I actually needed to repair the damage, $6K more than I was originally offered from insurance!


Jacksonville, Florida

Professional Representation & Negotiation

From start to finish, we will professionally represent and negotiate on your behalf. Let us walk through the process with you using our proven 3-step GPS system.

Get Paid What You Deserve

Don't settle for your first offer. As your public adjuster, we won't stop until you're compensated properly. Let us fight for the settlement you deserve.

Reduce frustration and stress

Experience less stress and frustration by hiring a team of professional public adjusters. Let us handle the complicated details using our Guidance, Preparation, and Settlement process.


Did you know?

You Have The Power To Choose Your Own Public Adjuster

Don't let your insurance company dictate who will represent you in your claim. You have the right to hire your own public adjuster who will work for you and get you the best settlement possible. We are First Coast Claims Consultants, and have been serving Florida policyholders since 2010. We have the experience, knowledge, and skills to handle your claim from start to finish and get you the most money possible. Contact us today for a free claim review and consultation. We don't get paid unless you do.

When we come to a “fork in the road” concerning your claim, we’ll discuss the pro’s and con’s of turning right or left. We’ll give you our professional opinion, answer your questions, look out for your best interest, and help you make a wise decision.

What Important People Say About Public Adjusters

“I understand what an important place public insurance adjusters have in the whole scheme of the world of insurance. What would we do without public adjusters? Where would people go if they had no other place to turn?”

Alex Sink

Former Florida Chief Financial Officer

“Many people describe their insurance claim experience as a full time job. Negotiating a fair claim settlement can be very challenging, especially after an emotionally devastating catastrophe.” “If you rely completely on your insurance company to calculate the amount of damage and what you’re owed, you are unlikely to recover a full or fair settlement.”

Amy Bach

Co-founder of United Policyholders

“Since I was President of the senate during Hurricane Andrew, I can tell how much I appreciate the fact that public adjusters are waging this campaign and making people understand that there’s help out there”

Gwen Margolis

Florida State Senator

“The role of the public adjuster is an important one and something that we must continue to emphasize in Tallahassee. They are small business owners and people that are creating jobs. Preventing access to public adjusters hurts the public.”

Jose Felix Diaz

Florida State Representative

“Analysis of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation claims data found that property owners received higher payments when claimants used public adjusters for claims filed in 2008 and 2009.”

“Complaints and regulatory actions against Florida’s public adjusters are relatively low.“

2010 Oppaga Report

Handling your property insurance claims in Northeast Florida and throughout the First Coast

Proudly Jacksonville born and home grown, we know the challenges Florida commercial businesses and homeowners face. We bring years of experience in representing and negotiating claims throughout Jacksonville and Northeast Florida.

Property Damage Claim Types


Fire Damage


Hurricane Damage


Flood Damage


Sinkhole Damage

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